Our philosophy

Jazz live

  • Do you love jazz concerts, intense, up close and personal?
  • Or do you prefer bar piano in a cosy pub atmosphere?

Jazz as background music

  • Would you like to have a cosy drink, but find traditional pubs or bars too loud, too hectic or too snobbish?
  • Just relax and read a book with a glass of red wine (yes, they still exist...)
  • A cultivated conversation at the bar...
  • Do you enjoy playing chess - the game of kings?


Our three pillars: (1) Respect (2) Sustainability (3) Quality

  • Do you value respectful interaction in a stylish and casual setting?
  • Are you concerned about the environment and would like to consume regional/sustainable products?
  • Do you like to drink high-quality spirits at reasonable prices?
  • You can't stand the smell of cigarettes, or you are a smoker - like me - but have respect for your fellow human beings?

Then you've come to the right place.


Our event concept

  • Kazzwoo sees itself as a small jazz pub that aims to give young jazz musicians from the region a platform for live gigs alongside established jazz bands.
  • It is also important to us to bring jazz to a wider audience, especially to the younger generation such as students.
  • For concerts in the winter season we usually charge admission.
  • For bar piano evenings and concerts in the summer season we only charge an organiser's fee (2.50 euros) to cover costs in order to give people on low incomes the opportunity to see a live concert. However, as our musicians also want to be adequately paid on these evenings, we have decided to pass the hat the old-fashioned way. So everyone should (1) according to their financial means and (2) out of respect and appreciation for the musicians' performance, give their contribution. 


For details to the individual events please watch "Events"

english follows german

conditions for most of concerts in the winter season

Conditions for concerts in the summer season and for several concerts in the winter season

Conditions for Barpiano


please watch "Impressionen"


english version is in preparation, actually only in German => "Die Karte"

How to get there

(1) Travelling by public transport


"Abendakademie" stop

tram line 1, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 7 

"Kurpfalzbrücke" stop

tram line 2, bus line 53, bus line 61



(2) Travelling by car


It is not worth speculating on a parking space at the roadside in K2/K3. In addition, the traffic between K1/K2 and K2/K3 can get so congested that it can take a good 15-30 minutes to get around the block at peak times (no kidding!).


I therefore recommend parking in nearby large car parks, from which Kazzwoo can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot:

(1) MVV car park on the outer "Luisenring" (public use Mon - Fri from 18:00, Sat & Sun permitted all day, free of charge!)

(2) Underground car park "Tiefgarage H6" (cheap, quick journey time, mostly free parking spaces available)

(3) Underground car park "Tiefgarage U2" (slightly more expensive than H6, e-charging station available) 


The two multi-storey car parks in K1 are closer, but significantly more expensive and often fully occupied, the first multi-storey car park in K1 closes at 22:00 !!! The multi-storey car park in G1 is also not recommended, as there is regularly a traffic jam in front of it, which is also significantly more expensive and usually full.


Kazzwoo - Jazz Café Bar


68159 Mannheim


Phone +49 (0) 621 44580776

daily from 17:00

Please do not call during an event!


email: typtom@kazzwoo.com

As I am a bit old-fashioned and only read my emails irregularly, I would like to ask you to call us if the message is important (e.g. reservation enquiries). Otherwise you are welcome to leave a message.


K2, 23

68159 Mannheim



Mo - Do       17:00 - 00:30

Fr & Sa           17:00 - 01:30


Die Öffnungszeiten gelten üblicherweise auch an und vor Feiertagen, Änderun-gen vorbehalten


Wir bedanken uns bei der Stadt Mannheim

für die Kultur-förderung unserer





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